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Trade production management system

Adaptive trade production management system is a comprehensive solution designed for Hong Kong manufacturing and factories, aiming to improve the production efficiency and management effectiveness of enterprises. The Adaptive system provides comprehensive solutions for trade and production industries such as aluminum, watches, printer products, toy industry and industrial products, Help Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry and factories achieve automation of production processes, optimization of quality control, coordination of supply chains and cost control, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and business performance of enterprises.

Order management

Effectively track, manage and process orders, including receiving orders, order scheduling, delivery tracking, etc.

Inventory management

Real-time monitoring and management of inventory, including inventory control of raw materials, finished goods and work-in-progress

Accounting Management

Provide comprehensive accounting functions, including account records, financial statements, cost accounting, etc.

financial management

Manage corporate financial activities, including collections, payments, bank reconciliations and other financial processes

Maintenance management

Track and manage product repair and maintenance work, including maintenance records, maintenance schedules, etc.

cost management

Accurately calculate and manage production costs, including raw material costs, labor costs, overhead expenses, etc.

Acceptance QC function

Conduct incoming material inspection and acceptance to ensure the quality of raw materials meets standards

Full-process solution to create an efficient and collaborative after-sales team

Comprehensive system applications to meet your various management needs

1.Purchase, sale and inventory management
2.Marketing Management
3.sales management
4.financial management
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