Adaptive ERP

Adaptive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a complete, modern ERP suite that provides advanced features for your team, such as intelligent inventory, sales, procurement and production process management, to help you automate cumbersome and tedious manual processes, empower your industry, and achieve intelligent management of the entire production process of sales-procurement-production-inventory-finance-administration, improve productivity, reduce management costs, and thus improve corporate profitability.

Adaptive ERP deeply integrates digital technology with lean production. Wukong ERP deeply integrates digital technology with lean production. Based on the vertical integration, end-to-end integration, and horizontal integration of intelligent manufacturing, it establishes a digital production model to help manufacturing companies cope with uncertainty, respond flexibly and quickly to business changes, manage enterprises with numbers, grow resiliently, and achieve high-quality and stable growth of manufacturing companies.

• Automated business processes
• Simplify and speed up daily work
• Customer full process management
• Data business integration
• Comprehensive optimization of manufacturing operations

Intelligent Automation

Help you automate cumbersome and tedious manual processes and empower your industry. Efficient management, precise marketing, and customer follow-up records will help you easily handle storefront customer management and business activity needs.

Automated business processes

Adaptive ERP eliminates manual work, spends less time entering data and more time on real functions.

Simplify & speed up your daily work

Personalized tasks such as approval and information notification can be actively displayed on the workbench, thereby speeding up the approval process.

Customer full process management

Customer relationship management + customer intelligent analysis management solutions link all business scenarios including e-commerce, retail, channels and distribution.









Customer Management

Efficient management, precise marketing, and customer follow-up records help you easily handle storefront customer management and business activity needs

Increase return on investment

The platform is cloud-based, so enterprises can easily run the system without spending a lot of money on IT support.

360-degree view of customers and company performance

Improve your business productivity with dashboards and business intelligence metrics

Customized according to customer needs

We will configure it precisely according to your business needs

Smooth and streamlined process

It links different operating departments, automates key processes, and enables each process to run efficiently.


Providing a trade cycle management solution from sales, supply chain to distribution process. Adaptive ERP uses today's Internet and mobile technology to help you further expand your business.

Sales process management: Quotation, sales order, delivery note, invoice receipt, sales return note

Purchase process management: Purchase orders, receipts, supplier invoices, purchase return orders

Automatically generate documents: Generate sales orders from purchase orders, and generate delivery notes from sales orders

Supports batch delivery, and can monitor by delivery date, arrival date, cargo number, customer, etc.

User-defined price priority and discount model

Credit limit check with warning or account suspension

Scalable to e-commerce and mobile applications

Rich sales and procurement analysis reports, providing flexible report formats

Financial data quickly generates account information

One-click query of assets and liabilities, profits, accounts receivable and payable

Process management, bill of materials management, simplified production process

Supports batch/sequence management and barcode applications

Main functions of customer management

Sales Management

Designed to simplify order management, it can be expanded with the needs of your organization, and can efficiently handle order entry, project fulfillment and invoicing on the same platform.

Track order completion at any time, control the actual execution of orders, and provide instant feedback on order anomalies, so that you can record them anytime and anywhere. Track and control the order execution process.

Procurement Management

Automate and simplify manual steps in the procurement process while improving your organization’s visibility, efficiency, and effective control over the procurement process. This can shorten your organization’s average payment time and increase cash flow.

Inventory Management

Automate warehouse management processes, provide visibility, and effectively control internal purchasing and sales processes. This reduces fees and increases cash flow.

Financial accounting management

At the heart of every business process, Adaptive ERP helps streamline and automate finance and accounting functions, accelerates financial close, and provides a complete and real-time financial picture of the business.

Production Management

Simplify the entire production cycle and manage operations more efficiently. Streamline work execution and use best-in-class features to efficiently perform workshop operations and promote factory digital transformation

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