Sales process management

Adaptive's sales and operation management functions includewarehouse management, workflow management, invoices and quotationsand other functions, reducing the potential problems and complicated paperwork in the sales process

The delivery note and invoice generated from the quotation can be directly sent to the customer viamultiple channels (email, Whatsapp, SMS), so that you can concentrate on achieving the sales target and improve the work efficiency and transaction success rate

• Don't miss/miss every potential customer
• Optimize sales process and business transformation
• Analyze the conversion rate of each purchase journey
• Evaluate and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales personnel

Sales management

View through sales management system

All customer interactions and
Transaction management customer sales, cross sales and other details

View/understand in real time
Customer purchase records and products of interest

Every customer
Purchase journey segmentation and visual presentation

Details of each purchase journey from potential customers to loyal customers,
To understand the conversion and pain points of every detail, so as to optimize every detail and increase sales. ​

Online warehouse management

Online inventory management functions (such as products, price manuals, suppliers, sales quotations, orders and invoices) are integrated with sales-related modules (such as potential customers, customers and contacts), thus achieving a complete sales cycle management function. Manage the latest inventory status through seamless integration between order execution and available inventory in the warehouse. One click will automatically change the quotation into sales order, invoice and delivery note

Sales forecast and analysis

The system automatically collects all sales data and performs basic data analysis

Sales and profit data
Employee performance data
Customer data
Market data

Assist in more effective management and operation of enterprises. Provide real-time data forecast and sales data
Let the team more accurately grasp the sales target effect and progress, adjust the sales means in time, and improve and meet the KPI.

Project Management

Effectively manage and follow up large and small projects. The whole team can instantly synchronize every detail, meeting minutes, work list, division of labor, project progress and deadline, etc., which helps the team stay closer to the progress and improve work efficiency.

Connect multiple data folding systems

All data of the system can be exported to EXCEL. CSV trial balance to facilitate connection and integration with other data discount systems (such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.).

All-round data access and update

It supports the use of computers and mobile versions, and can instantly obtain customer information and sales data anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves the efficiency of the company. Customers can also freely choose to use cloud storage or private server storage to ensure database access stability and security.