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Insurance brokerage business management system

Our insurance brokerage business management system is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for insurance intermediary companies to help companies effectively manage and organize insurance business processes. This management system is designed to provide insurance intermediaries with a comprehensive tool to help manage business processes such as customers, policies, commissions, finance and data analysis, etc. This results in increased efficiency, improved service quality and business growth.

Customer management

Centrally manage customer information, including personal information, policy records, contact history, etc.

Policy classification management

Classify policies into general insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, MPF, etc. to facilitate unified management and inquiry

Policy renewal tips and procedures

Alert and track policy renewal and renewal processes to ensure timely processing and avoid missing important deadlines

File management

Manage and store relevant insurance documents, including application forms, declarations, insurance clauses, etc.

Purchase case management

Track and manage customer purchase cases, including detailed information such as insurance type, insurance amount, beneficiary, etc.

Commission calculation

Supports multiple commission-sharing parties, flexibly adjusts commission-sharing ratios, and automatically calculates and tracks commission-sharing amounts

Accounting Management

Integrated accounting functions to facilitate management of financial records, income and expenditure flow, settlement, etc.

Report function

Generate various reports, such as performance reports, sales reports, policy statistics reports, etc., to help analyze business performance

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