Tuition and education center management system

A comprehensive management solution specially created for cram schools and education centers in Hong Kong, combining administrative management, information management and course management functions. It aims to simplify the management process of cram schools and education centers in Hong Kong and improve teaching quality and student management efficiency. Whether it is administrative work, information management or course scheduling, our system can provide reliable solutions to make your cram school operations smoother and more efficient.

Students roll call

It is convenient for teachers to call students and record students' attendance.

Classroom Management Scheduling

Assist in scheduling class schedules, arranging teaching activities and course content.

Student account management

Manage student account-related information, including class balances, tuition bills and receipts, student information, and learning progress tracking.

Connect to web shopping function

Provides website purchasing function, students can choose courses and update their account information.

Teacher attendance and salary

Record teachers' attendance and manage payroll matters.

Activity record

Record and manage student-related activities, such as tutoring club activities, parent-teacher meetings, etc.

Schedule management

Assist in managing faculty and education center schedules to increase organizational efficiency.

Teaching resource management

Classified storage of teaching resources such as textbooks, test papers, exercises, and videos makes it easier for teachers to use and share.

Dashboard data analysis

Provides intuitive data dashboards and analytical reports so managers can instantly understand business conditions and student performance.

Full-process solution to create an efficient and collaborative after-sales team

Comprehensive system applications to meet your various management needs

2.Student management
3.Course management
4.Financial Management
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