Our solution is a comprehensive cloud enterprise management system that combines customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) functions that are highly suitable for Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our system is characterized by rich functions and flexibility. It is specially designed for Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises to help improve business management efficiency, provide high-quality customer service, and support data analysis and reporting to help small and medium-sized enterprises.


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Should small businesses choose ERP or OA? What’s the difference between them?

ERP system and OA system are two important tools in enterprise information management. They each have different functions and characteristics. With the development of the times, OA office has gradually become the main channel for office work, which is different from traditional office channels. , which can improve efficiency. ERP system is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning (Enterprise Resource Planning). It mainly manages Various resources of the enterprise, including raw materials, production, sales, finance, human resources, etc. The ERP system helps enterprises optimize the allocation of resources, improve efficiency and automate business processes through a centralized database and powerful data processing capabilities. OA system is the abbreviation of Office Automation. It is mainly used for information management and process

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What knowledge is required to use an ERP system?

ERP systems are still relatively unfamiliar to some people, but ERP has become an inevitable trend in the application of small and medium-sized enterprises. Adaptive has compiled some necessary knowledge for familiarity with ERP. Using ERP systems requires a variety of knowledge, including the following: Aspects: ERP system knowledge: This is the most basic knowledge, including the basic concepts, principles, functional modules, etc. of the ERP system. You need to understand the overall architecture of the ERP system, the functions of each module, and the relationships between them. Business process knowledge: It is a tool for managing an enterprise’s business processes and requires an in-depth understanding of the enterprise’s business processes. This helps you better configure and use the ERP

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Success Stories of Government-Subsidized Schemes – The government’s NT$300 million “Pilot Scheme” helps logistics companies upgrade and transform, saving 10% of operating costs and being more compliant with security inspection measures

In order to improve the level of aviation security, Hong Kong has followed the International Civil Aviation Organization’s global air cargo security policy guidelines and tightened export measures. From July 2021, 100% security inspection arrangements for export cargo will be implemented, requiring all air cargo exported through Hong Kong All goods must be inspected by X-ray equipment. The rising time and cost of security inspections poses challenges to the logistics industry. The “Third-party logistics service provider subsidy pilot scheme” launched by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in October 2020 (Part 2 (called the “Pilot Scheme”), subsidizes the logistics industry to apply technology to improve efficiency and productivity. It also covers the purchase of facilities required to set up

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