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Financial loan management system

Our system is a comprehensive financial loan management solution specially designed for Hong Kong financial companies Hong Kong finance companies can manage financial loan business more effectively, improve work efficiency, and provide accurate financial assessments and risk assessments And maintain good communication with customers and follow up on applications.

Financial loan management

Comprehensive management of the loan process, including application, approval, issuance and repayment, as well as related inquiries, can easily handle loan and repayment progress.

SMS/telephone marketing

Record and analyze the content of marketing calls, save conversation records, and schedule the number of calls per day to improve marketing effectiveness.

Pre-trial management and follow-up

Assist financial companies to conduct loan pre-examination and track the progress of pre-examination to ensure smooth processing of loan applications. ​

Open a credit report

Supports the generation of credit reports, including the borrower's credit rating, repayment record and financial status, etc., providing a comprehensive financial assessment.

Connect to property valuation database

Connect to the property valuation database to provide accurate property value valuation data to help financial companies evaluate the value of collateral.

Schedule management

Assist financial companies to manage schedules, including meetings, customer visits, important event reminders, etc., to improve work efficiency.

Report and Dashboard analysis

Provides rich report and dashboard analysis functions to help financial companies monitor business performance, risk assessment and financial status.

Loan application case follow-up

Track and manage the progress of loan applications to ensure smooth processing and timely response to customer applications.

Full-process solution to create an efficient and collaborative after-sales team

Comprehensive system applications to meet your various management needs

1.initial contact
2.loan management
3.customer marketing
4.After-sales service
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