Marketing automation function

Adaptive CRM marketing automation function allows the marketing department to develop different personalized promotion activities on an online platform. The promotion content can be sent through WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and Email channels. The system automates the daily process after setting, saving 60% of the repetitive process, concentrating manpower on planning and optimizing the promotion activities, and improving business sales

The system will record and track the effectiveness of each promotion activity. The marketing staff can further optimize the future marketing strategy by dividing the effectiveness and performance of each promotion activity, including the click rate, query rate and sales rate driven by it

• Increase business volume
• The promotion strategy is more effective and easy to manage
• Real-time tracking of marketing expenditures and effects
• Increase the conversion rate of potential customers
• Simple and easy to use

Fully automated marketing

Automatic triggering of marketing messages for specific promotion can activate automatic marketing message sending according to customers' behavior, events, membership status, consumption records, product preferences, etc., which is effective and saves manpower.

The system can set up some automatic processes, such as sending appointment confirmation and appointment reminder, and setting up batch sending of promotional messages and special information, so as to make the market promotion more effective.
Each promotion message can be personalized according to the customer’s conditions.

Chat robot - 24/7 customer service support

As a 24/7 customer service response, chat robots can solve problems for customers immediately and quickly. According to the customer's business needs, design regular and frequently asked questions to help speed up the processing of daily product and service inquiries, even complaints and other large amounts of customer information

The system can also authenticate users and promote user-specific information and transactions. In addition, according to the customer response, the conversation can be transferred to manual customer service for further follow-up, such as product query, reservation, change of reservation, etc., to improve the customer service experience

Marketing performance report

You can set up EDM and email promotion in the system through several simple steps, and send email to existing and potential customers in batches, so that customers can quickly get the latest information

The system supports the review of sending rate, reading rate, click rate, jump rate, unsubscribe rate and other data, which can be more effective in reviewing the effectiveness of promotional activities

Multi-channel communication marketing

WhatsApp、Messenger、SMS、Email Marketing

The Adaptive marketing system supports WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, SMS, Email and other current most common instant messaging software

Through these communication software, 99.9% of customers are covered, and the system can be connected with other online store platforms and internal ERP operating systems