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Traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinic management system

Our Chinese and Western Medical Clinic Massage Management System is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Chinese and Western Medical Clinics and Massage Centers, Help businesses improve the operational efficiency of medical clinics and massage centers, provide quality services and improve guest experience.

Whatsapp marketing and booking tips

Through the Whatsapp marketing function, conduct marketing activities and provide appointment reminders to facilitate direct communication with customers and arrange appointments.

Patient information management

Manage patient information, including past medical records, report document organization, medical prescription records, and create medical records and certificates

Bills and Receipts

Manage the generation and sending of bills and receipts to facilitate patient payment and settlement

Chinese and Western drug management

Manage the inventory and usage of Chinese and Western medicines, including drug classification, safe dosage, ingredients, cost calculation, unit conversion and other functions

Package management

Manage the sales and usage of package packages to facilitate patients to purchase and use package services

Commission setting

Set up a commission-sharing mechanism for different services and products to facilitate the management of commission-sharing to relevant employees or partners

Online registration form

An online registration form is provided for new members to fill in and save in the system. It can also be used for data analysis and new member registration.

Report function

Provide reporting functions to generate relevant business reports and statistical data to help operators analyze business conditions and formulate strategies

Employee Attendance and Payroll

Record employee attendance, calculate wages and salaries, and ensure employees are paid correctly

Scheduling function

Manage employee schedules to ensure sufficient human resources are available to provide services

Dashboard data analysis

Provides an intuitive Dashboard interface to display important performance indicators and data analysis results, allowing operators to quickly understand business conditions

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