Marketing Automation Features

Fully automated marketing

Automatically trigger marketing messages for specific promotions. Automatic marketing messages can be activated and sent based on customer behavior, events, membership status, consumption records, product preferences, etc., which is effective and saves manpower.

Chatbot - 24/7 Customer Service Support

As a 24/7 customer service response, chatbots can instantly and quickly solve customer problems. According to customer business needs, design routines and FAQs to help speed up the processing of daily product and service inquiries, even complaints and other large amounts of customer information.

The system can also authenticate users and facilitate user-specific information and transactions. Moreover, according to the customer's response, the conversation can be transferred to manual customer service for further follow-up when necessary, such as product inquiry, reservation, change of reservation, etc., to improve the customer service experience.

Marketing Performance Report

You can set up EDM and email promotion in the system in a few simple steps, and send emails in batches to existing and potential customers, so that customers can quickly get the latest information.

The system supports viewing data such as delivery rate, reading rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, etc., and can be used with chart display to more effectively review the effectiveness of promotional activities.

Multi-channel communication marketing

WhatsApp、Messenger、SMS、Email Marketing

Adaptive marketing system supports the most common instant messaging software such as WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, SMS and Email.

99.9% of customers are covered through these communication software, and the system can also be connected with other online store platforms and internal ERP operating systems.