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Customer service management system

Our customer service management system is suitable for service industries such as handling, cleaning, and pest control. Provide customer management, service management, reservation system and WhatsApp instant chat function to help various industries manage their business.

Customer service management

Customer service management through Whatsapp provides services such as quotations, sending invoices and reservations

Reservation service management

Appointment system allows customers to reserve services such as moving, cleaning or pest control and can manage appointment information

Team regional schedule

Manage the fleet's regional schedule so services arrive at designated locations on time

Customer account management

Including customer information, service records, payment records etc., to facilitate customers to manage their account records

Employee Attendance and Payroll

Record employee attendance calculate wages and salaries and ensure employees are paid correctly

Schedule management

Manage the schedule of services, including the time and location of activities such as removals cleaning or pest control

inventory management

Manage required equipment supplies and inventory to ensure adequate supplies and timely replenishment

Scheduling function

Manage employee schedules to ensure sufficient human resources are available to perform various services

Data analysis and reporting

Data analysis and reporting functions allow operators to understand business conditions and optimize operational strategies and service quality.

Whatsapp Marketing Platform

Integrate Whatsapp marketing functions such as batch messaging and automatic replies to improve marketing effectiveness and customer interaction.

Dashboard data analysis

Provides an intuitive Dashboard interface to display key performance indicators and data analysis results


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