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Beauty industry management system

Our beauty industry management system is a comprehensive solution that is also suitable for fitness, yoga and hair salon industries. System functionality will assist beauty and fitness centers in effectively managing their memberships, appointments, accounts, staff and inventory. It also provides data analysis and marketing tools to achieve better operational results and customer satisfaction.

Member registration and approval

Manage the membership registration process, including member information entry, auditing and approval, to ensure that only qualified members can use the service.

Reservation and venue management

Provide a convenient reservation system to allow members to reserve venues, times and technicians, and ensure effective management of the venue. Employees can also effectively manage their guests’ reservation, check-in, completion and other processes.

Member account management

Manage member accounts, including recharge, consumption records, balance inquiries and other functions to facilitate members to manage their funds and consumption.

Package management

Manage different types of packages, including validity period, number of times limits, etc., to help members purchase and use packages.

Employee Attendance and Payroll

Record employee attendance, calculate salary and compensation, and ensure employees are paid correctly.

Scheduling function

Manage employee schedules to ensure adequate staff are available at the appropriate times.

Schedule management

Manage the schedule of events and other important matters, helping to organize and coordinate activities. ​

Inventory management

Manage inventory of equipment and products to ensure adequate inventory and timely replenishment.

Data analysis and reporting

Provide data analysis and reporting functions, allowing operators to understand business conditions and make corresponding decisions and improvement measures. ​

Whatsapp Marketing Platform

Integrated Whatsapp marketing functions, including batch sending of information, automatic replies, etc., to improve marketing effects and customer interaction. ​

Dashboard data analysis

Provides an intuitive Dashboard interface to display key performance quotas and data analysis results to help operators quickly understand business conditions. ​

Full-process solutions to create an efficient and cooperative after-sales team ​

Comprehensive system applications to meet your various management needs ​

1.pre-sale service
2.On sale
3.customer marketing
4.After-sales service
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